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CSIRO invests in one of the world’s most sophisticated satellites

CSIRO has secured access to one of the world’s most sophisticated high-performance satellites, giving Australian scientists direct control over which data the satellite collects over our region and placing the national science agency at the forefront of Australia’s civilian space science sector.

Australia in Space

To coincide with hosting the 2017 International Astronautical Congress, the Space Industry Association of Australia in partnership with ATF Press is launching ‘Australia in Space’ by Kerrie Dougherty, the complete history of our involvement with space activities.

Cassini's 'last breath of data' from 1.5 bn km away

This Friday evening (15 September) at about 9:54pm AEST, CSIRO’s team at the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex will capture the final signals from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft as it plunges into Saturn’s atmosphere at over 111,000 kph.

We Are Explorers – and the Time is Now

On the final day of IAC, Friday 29 Sep, Lockheed Martin’s team of explorers will unveil new details on their plans for human exploration of Mars starting in the 2020s.

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