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Technical site visits

During the IAC2017 there will be the opportunity to attend technical site visits to some key locations in South Australia. These may include some of the following locations and will be confirmed closer to the event.


Woomera Site Visit

Date: Sunday, 24 September 2017
Price: $650 per person

The Woomera Test Range is the largest terrestrial weapons test range in the Western world. The Woomera township and range head are located about 500km NNW of Adelaide. Woomera was established in the late 1940s as an essential element to the missile program of the United Kingdom. Later, Woomera hosted the European Launcher and Development Organisation (ELDO), which was a forerunner to ESA and the French Arianne launch program.

Woomera is an important element of the Cold War heritage of the Western world. Today the range is managed by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and is used for conventional weapons development and testing. The Adelaide IAC organisers are working with the RAAF to provide opportunities for IAC delegates to visit the main space heritage sites at Woomera.

Defence Science & Technology Group (DST Group) Site Visit

Date: Wednesday, 27th September 2016

This site visit is complimentary for delegates

The Defence Science and Technology Group (DST Group) had its origins in the missile and space launch programs at Woomera. DST Group has several campuses spread around Australia with its largest being at Edinburgh, one of Adelaide’s northern suburbs. In recent times, DST Group has set out to strengthen its engagement with Australian universities and industry as well as with overseas partners. The Strategic Plan for the Organisation that was released in early 2013 places considerable emphasis on space research. See:

Institute for Telecommunications Research, University of South Australia Site Visit

Date: Wednesday 27th September 2016

This site visit is complimentary for delegates

The Institute for Telecommunications Research (ITR), at the University of South Australia, Mawson Lakes, is an internationally recognised research organisation, specialising in research, education, and technology development for wireless communications. ITR conducts its research in four main areas: satellite communications, high-speed data communications, flexible radios and networks and computational and theoretical neuroscience. With some 35 staff and 30 postgraduate students, the ITR is the largest university-based research organisation in the area of wireless communications in Australia.

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