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Welcome to the 68th International Astronautical Congress 2017

25-29 September 2017, Adelaide, Australia

The global economy and security of many nations depends on assured and secure access to satellites that provide communications, timing and navigation services and remote sensing data. Space probes are also vital to our understanding of the solar system and the far universe.  The IAC2017 program addresses all of these topics and emphasises the important contribution that space makes to STEM education as well.

Space is a fragile environment and satellites are easily damaged by space junk. Researchers and companies are working to reduce collision risks to acceptable levels to ensure that all of humanity can benefit from access to space and to space-based services.

Australia hosts ground-based sensors and is investing in research to enable the space environment to be more carefully monitored and regulated. The global space industry is being transformed by:

  • the miniaturisation of electronics
  • lighter and tougher materials, and
  • advanced manufacturing processes.

These innovative technologies will be showcased at IAC2017.

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