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Delegates, please be aware there is a record number of delegates for IAC2017. Registration is open at the venue, the Adelaide Convention Centre. Sunday 24th September, we are open from 0800 to 1800. On Monday 25th September, we are open from 0630. Please note that the Opening Ceremony is at 0900 sharp on Monday. The doors will close at 0900 and you will not be able to enter after 0900 because of the nature of the performance. So please, collect your delegate pass on Sunday or very early Monday to avoid being locked out of the Opening Ceremony.

We have extra staff to assist you but please do not leave this until Monday morning and risk disappointment.

Mission to Mars

On the final day of IAC, Friday 29 Sep, Lockheed Martin’s team of explorers will unveil new details on their plans for human exploration of Mars starting in the 2020s.

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The 68th International Astronautical Congress 2017.

25-29 September 2017, Adelaide, Australia.

Welcome to IAC2017

Welcome to IAC2017

The Space Industry Association of Australia is your host for IAC2017 in Adelaide Australia.  On behalf of all members of the Australian space sector – industry, government and academe – we look forward to welcoming you in Adelaide from 25-29 September 2017.  You will meet old friends and make new ones.  And we have a chance to make you feel at home.

Days to Go

Days to go

September 25, 2017, Adelaide Australia

Keynote Speakers and Events.

Heads of Space

Heads of Space Agencies

You will hear the heads of major space agencies outline the plans they have for their agencies.  They will discuss the rapid changes in the industry, including the growing number of space actors, the move to commercial activities, the impacts of miniaturisation, the need for workforce renewal and the need to attract more women.
Astronauts Panel

Astronauts Panel

A highlight of IAC2017 will be the astronauts’ panel.  The panel members will speak of their experiences and you will have an opportunity to ask questions of them.  As we look beyond the moon to Mars and the challenges of very long duration space flight many new challenges will emerge to which, today, we have no answers.
Industry Day

Industry Day

A priority for IAC2017 is to encourage and facilitate discussions between companies especially.  A measure of our success will be if new business opportunities are identified and relationships forged during the Congress.  Tuesday 26 September will be devoted especially to the business of space, which will be supported by a technical visits program as well.


The exhibition is the heart of IAC2017. The exhibition area is in the centre of the Adelaide Convention Centre and will be the focal point and the crossroads as delegates move from session to session.  Governments, space agencies and companies, some first time exhibitors, at the IAC will be present.  Australian entrepreneurship and innovation will be showcased.

Travel and Accommodation

Adelaide tours

Experience Adelaide

Adelaide is a city of one million people.  It’s a very easy city to navigate – the streets run north-south and east west and it’s flat.  Plan to walk!  Fresh produce is abundant and there are many restaurants and cafes serving dishes from all parts of the world.  A cup of coffee costs $3-4.00 (€2.50).
Flight information

Flight Information

Adelaide is well connected to the rest of the world with daily flights from the Middle East, Asia and New Zealand.  It is also connected to the rest of Australia with frequent services to the other capitals especially – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.  It is served by One World and Star Alliance airlines.
Hotel Packages

Hotel Packages

Adelaide has accommodation to suit all budgets.  Many hotels and serviced apartments are close to the Convention Centre – literally next door or across the street.  Many others are less than a ten minute walk away. We have negotiated IAC2017 Congress rates with quite a number of these hotels that can be accessed through the registration portal

Adelaide is absolutely full of surprises

FOR many, Adelaide is that place you’ve always thought about visiting but went somewhere else instead. That’s a mistake. Far from being a perpetual “also-ran,” Adelaide is home to a host of places, spaces, people and events that makes it one of the best places to visit in Australia. What’s best, the trip from Melbourne or Sydney can be dirt-cheap, according to Cheapflights.

Adelaide is absolutely full of surprises


South Australia and Adelaide Highlights.


Frequently asked questions.

I am coming from overseas – Do I need to apply for a visa?

An Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visa may be required to travel to Australia.  Only certain passport holders can apply for this visa online. You may need to use a travel agent to apply for this visa. Further information is detailed here.

Where is Adelaide?

Adelaide is on the southern edge of the Australian continent, about a two-hour flight west from Sydney.  Adelaide is a city of one million people and is the capital of the State of South Australia.  It is a tech city with free internet throughout.

How do I get there?

There are daily flights to Adelaide from Dubai, Abu Dhabi (from May 2017), Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand.  There are many flights daily to and from Australia’s capital cities.


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